You're a wraith who's found themselves stranded, and need to collect coins to buy passage home. Avoid the bubbles that will trap you in this world forever, and collect all the coins to go home!


WASD or arrow keys to move
Space to jump

Assets found on background and character sprite


This project was incredibly fun to make! I spent far too long trying to understand how to make the bubbles move and ran out of time to properly implement the coin counter mechanic. I had planned to have the player reach the star at the end and display an end title depending on the amount of coins collected. However, I hit 2 roadblocks: the bubble curves were difficult for me to understand, and I spent too long troubleshooting why the text for the coin counter wasn't showing up in my UI. For future updates I will fix the coin counter text and add a trigger to the star/statue at the end!

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