This is for our first project for IGM 2021 Cosmic Cohort: a small 3D scene featuring Unity primitive objects.

The fabled Cake by the Ocean lived in peace for many decades, until the Breakfast Nation attacked! In the deadly battle between the Cake Fort and Egg Saucers with their deadly weapon, The Fork, who will prevail??

I didn't begin the project with a creative vision in mind, which is probably why I ended up with flying saucer eggs and a metallic birthday cake. Instead, my goal for this project was to use every skill we were taught for materials, primitives, and lighting/lightboxes. I also wanted to grapple a little bit with the Unity documentation for trees and terrain. I managed to create a few sad little palm trees atop a grey Fruit Jelly landscape, with mountains and star-shaped lake holes! My next goal is to learn how to use the Asset menu and import more textures into scenes, because grey fruit jelly looks unappetizing.

AuthorRen Raven
Made withUnity

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